Strategy Tools

  • To organize and mobilize rural communities through formation of Community Development Organizations (CDOs) at village level in the targeted program areas and build their capacities as well.

  • To initiate and support community development projects and programs in the remote rural areas, especially primary/reproductive health care, primary education/adult literacy, water and sanitation and other rural development sectors.

  • To improve socio-economy conditions of rural communities through eradicate poverty by undertaking different schemes for income generation, micro-credit and saving and employments at house hold level.

  • To take steps for the protection and development of natural resources, especially promotion of the sustainable agriculture through use of farm yard manure, neem, and EM Technology.

  • To arrange human rights education and advocacy program at grass root level for to empower people.

  • To organize women at village level and build networking with each other and support them in to access to resources, knowledge and institutions.

  • To initiate and support advocacy and action campaigns against influential decisions, policies and programs on the lives of the people at local, national level.

  • To provide forums and opportunities for local social development organizations and civil society organizations for strengthening, networking, information and experience sharing.

  • To establish Hwa Training and Resource centre for the information, education and training of the rural CBOs and people in the development sector.